Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

I love Polaroids. I love Polaroids of weddings, like these by Nicole Hill Gerulat, or these from Snippet & Ink. But Polaroid announced they were retiring the instant film cameras a while back and they stopped making the film for the cameras also - making Polaroid film a precious commodity. So imagine my (and a lot of other people's) glee when I discovered Poladroid. That's droid, not roid. It lets you turn any digital picture into a Polaroid style photo, complete with random color variations.

Want to get started turning your photos into Polaroids?
1) Download the FREE Poladroid application and launch it.
2) Drag & drop your photos
3) Wait . . . wait . . . wait some more . . . or just shake the picture by clicking and holding then shaking it all around.
4) Then look at, share or print your Poladroid picture!

Here's some of my Poladroids made from my wedding pics, and one of my adorable little Oscar dog.

All photos from MY personal collection : )


  1. your wedding looked just beautiful. what a cute dog.

  2. thank you! I love how they turned out.


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