Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Years Inspiration + Free Downloads

It's almost 2013, and it's high time I posted something. 2012 has had its ups and downs for me personally, and I can't remember a time when I've looked forward to a fresh start as much as I am looking forward to 2013. I even sent out New Years cards this year instead of Christmas cards! But enough waxing poetic, and on to the pretty New Years inspiration :) These lovelies make me wish I was having a New Years party, but alas I will be busy working on finishing a school project and thinking positive thoughts about the coming year. Happy new years to all my readers xo Annie

Free invitation, label, resolution card and message flag downloads via Phillis Hoffman Celebrate

 Petit fours with edible gold sugar and adorable free message flag downloads via Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate

Champagne and rock candy - I picked up some rock candy swizzle sticks at Trader Joe's for $2.69 to try this trick out on NYE! 

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