Monday, August 3, 2009

DIY: Paper lace garland

This DIY is perfect for the bride who is going for a vintage, shabby chic, or DIY feel. A doilie garland - so simple and lovely! Via Project Wedding.

Supplies You'll Need:
1. Doilies, assorted sizes: Paper doilies come in a variety of diameters, the larger the diameter the easier it will be to align each doily half while sewing the garland. For added variation, try alternating between small and large sizes. Use the size of the doilies to estimate how many you'll need for the desired length of your garland. Since we'll be cutting them in half, one doily will create twice the diameter in garland length.
2. Double fold bias tape (fabric stores will have this tape)
3. Thread to match bias tape
4. Scissors or paper cutter
5. Sewing machine

1. Cut doilies in half: You can fold one in half first to determine the center, and then use it as a guide for cutting the others.
2. Prepare to sew: If you've purchased bias tape, iron out any creases in the bias tape resulting from it's packaging. Pinning doilies in place prior to sewing is an option, however I found it easiest and most efficient to position each doily while sewing.
3. Sew the garland: Sandwich the doily halves between the fold of the bias tape, placing them end to end, and carefully sew along the edge of the bias tape.

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