Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Flowers

There was a ton of buzz around London today as Westminster Abbey began to have trees (yes, trees!) and flowers moved inside in preparation for the Royal Wedding on Friday. The flowers and trees are  coming from the Valley Gardens of Great Windsor Park, and Prince William himself asked the Queen's permission to use them. (What a resourceful groom!) Here's what I've learned so far about what we can expect to see flower-wise on Friday:
Photo: Sang Tan/AP

The couple have chosen Shane Connolly as their florist, and he will be decorating both the ceremony at Westminster Abbey and the reception at Buckingham Palace. Kate and William liked that he is a 'green' florist with a focus on seasonal, local, organic and sustainable flowers and plants.

Kate Middleton worked closely with Connolly on the floral concept, and very much wanted to incorporate a theme of "The Language of Flowers" into the day - a sweet Victorian tradition where each flower has a special meaning. Kate wanted a neutral scheme of green and white.

The Look: The look they are going for promises to be very natural but with a romantic "enchanted woodland" feel. "The Abbey will be very romantic and everything will be seasonal, British and sustainable," Royal Wedding florist Shane Connolly explained. "I want everything to look as though it has been gathered from a garden."

The Details: Inside the Abbey, an "avenue" of tall trees will line the aisle - including English Field Maples and Hornbeams. These and will be planted in wooden tubs that have been hand painted to replicate the worn stone of the medieval Abbey's pillars. One 20 ft tall tree will be at the very front of the Abbey.

"The aim is the Abbey looks unpretentious and simple and natural and that it reflects the fact that Catherine is a country girl at heart and that the couple are the best of British."

Among the flowers that may be used are "buds and blossoming branches of azaleas, cherry blossoms, magnolia, rhododendron, viburnum and weeping birch - all predominantly white and fresh green; the scent of garden jasmine, wisteria and lilac."

Post-wedding, the flowers will be left in the Abbey for viewing until May 6. (I will definitely be going to check them out!) Then the trees will be taken to the gardens at Price Charles' home Highgrove for planting. Many of the cut plants and flowers will be donated to local charities.

Kate's Bouquet: The details on the bridal bouquet are still under wraps, but expect to see a spring of myrtle - every royal bride since queen Victoria has carried one in her bouquet. I hear lily of the valley may also show up in the bouquet, which is traditionally all white. After the wedding, following tradition, Kate's bouquet will be sent back to the Abbey to be lain at the Grave of the Unknown Warrior.
Sprig of white myrtle via Helena Carter Weddings

Article sources: BBC News, People, Homes & Property


  1. keep the details comin'!! I'm finally getting the royal wedding fever that has been going around - I can't wait to see all the floral details, they sound amazing!

  2. now that the wedding is so close, i confess i'm really excited to see everything! i love all the use of potted trees, shrubs, and flowers that i keep hearing about. paying special attention to the meanings of flowers is a sweet touch, and i really wonder if it'll re-ignite interest in that.

  3. We are looking forward to seeing this look come together! Enjoying the reports, Annie!

  4. Ah, I love this! Your reports are so divine, darling! The flowers sound like they're going to be absolutely stunning, and I love Kate's attention to detail!

  5. I cannot wait!!!!!!!! She has some eye for detail! I'm dying to see this dress!

  6. Wow! So is she going with a green palette? Loving the idea of the woodland garden feel. Can't wait to see it all come together. I assume that she will go subtle on the colors... We'll see.

  7. Go and gush for me, oh pretty please!!

  8. Love love love the blog! To think that you were there in the midst of all the happenings... I was up early watching and thinking of how exciting it was that you were actually there for the Royal Wedding! I have to say the special meoment for me was when Kate arrived at the alter and William turned to her whispered how beautiful she was... well is that not just every brides dream?

  9. Yeds, Kate did sport lily of the valley flowers in her bouquet. All locally produced flowers, a beautiful tribute to local flower cultivars.


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