Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inspiration Board: A Coastal Wedding

This morning I went to Wesminster Abbey to check out the trees and flowers from the Royal Wedding and saw Kate's lovely bouquet on the Grave of the Unknown Soldier. I'll have more on this tomorrow! Until then, hope you enjoy this inspiration board - it's one of my favorite posts from the archives!

There are beach weddings, and then there are coastal beach weddings. There's something about a blue-grey sea, rocky coast line, and misty fog that is just so romantic and makes you want to snuggle up to someone you love while watching the waves roll in by a driftwood fire. A pale palette of neutral colors with light blue mixed in acts as the perfect complement to the natural surroundings. These lovely pickling jars could act as holders for cards, well wishes or silverware and can be used after the wedding. A antique chair painted a light blue makes a stunning prop for photos and can grace your newlywed nest long after. Centerpieces of driftwood and candles would be stunning yet have a natural and understated elegance to them. Mix in bud vases filled with one or two blooms for even more interest.

A Coastal Wedding

Credits: 1st row, all photos by White Album Weddings via Style Me Pretty. 2nd row, picture by Annie Lebowitz in Vanity Fair. 3rd row, scenery photo by White Album Weddings via Style Me Pretty, pickling jars from Pottery Barn, cake photo by Larissa Cleveland via Style Me Pretty.


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