Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Lovely Little Dresses + My Halloween Table

It is officially November! Which means several things: Thanksgiving is just around the corner, followed by Christmas, and I need to hit the books hard studying for midterms and writing papers for school. But before I do that today I wanted to share some lovely little dresses from my favorite online shop for lovely little dresses - ModCloth. And I had to include some pics of the spooky Halloween table + decor I set up for our neighborhood trick or treaters last night :) But on to the dresses first!

These sweet frocks would be perfect for any of your pre-wedding parties - engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, welcome party, rehearsal dinner or day-after brunch. All are from ModCloth, which currently has over 23 pages worth of pretty day + party dresses.

My personal fave. It just has that vintage feel and I'm always a sucker for lace.
Plus it feels so Bride-y.

Does not this dress totally belong at a party with this ruffled cake? Say a shower or bachelorette perhaps? A match made in heaven I think.

This just SCREAMS "Bride" and "Rehearsal Dinner".

And on to my creepy Halloween table decor I set up last night on our porch! I was so excited to have trick or treaters and wanted to do something a little special for them. I set up a table with some potions, flickering candles, apples and a bumpy green pumpkin with a crow perched on top. A sign warned trick or treaters "I would turn back if I was you".
Curiosity Cola and Dandelion & Burdock "elixrs" sit with vials of colored potions, apples, candles and books of spells.
We hung black gauze bunting with purple and orange lights over the front of our porch (loved this so much!)
I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! See you here tomorrow :)


  1. This was a pretty cool Halloween!! Your house looked so spooky!!! Hope you had a fantastic time!!

  2. Oh Annie, the house looks fantastic and perfect for Halloween! As for those dresses-I'm smitten! The pink ruffles would be heavenly for a shower or bachelorette, and I think I need the Time of My Life dress! And Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner-horray!

  3. Spooky is right! I would have loved to watch some horror flicks in that atmosphere!

  4. that pink ruffle dress is perfection. I must have it!!

    your halloween table is so fun.

  5. That gold spun dress is lovely! And your Halloween table is too fun!

  6. Too cute!!! I love the little porch tablescape and the bunting is to DIE for!! I think I also need that little gold dress...;)

  7. that ruffled cake is fabulous! and those dresses are gorgeous yet reasonably priced... bonus! thanks for sharing :)

  8. Love the dresses you pulled and your Halloween stands so cute!!

  9. so cute love this Annie, also i love the gold little dress

  10. 1) the time of my life dress is SO perfect! wish i had seen it 3 weeks ago!

    2) your trick or treat decor is ADORABLE! I love it so much!!! you've inspired me to step it up for next year!!!


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