Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E-Session: In a Laundromat, a Cafe and an Orchard

What don't I love about today's e-session? Not only is the couple adorable - but I love the variety of shots they got at their engagement session with Lydia of D.I.A. Images. You know when you are brainstorming e-session location ideas, and you settle on one and toss the others out? Lindsey and Eric did no such thing - opting for several fun locations and I am loving the results. Oh and the giant L + E letters in the laundromat? Genius!

Thanks so much to Lydia of D.I.A. Images for sharing!


  1. LOVE THIS!!!! Oh Annie, this is so gorgeous!!!

  2. Ok, Lindsey is ridiculously cute! Love the laundromat ones.

  3. I love those laundromat photos! She's wearing Batman! Wait, wait...She's wearing Batman! Yes!

  4. This is so cool!!

    Thank you all for the lovely comments :0) We had our e-session in our soon to be hometown, which I am unfamiliar with, so I completely trusted Lydia with all of our locations...she definately delivered!!!

    Lizzie-I LOVE Batman hehe!



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