Monday, April 19, 2010

Adorable Idea: DIY Grocery Store Dessert Table by The Bride Scouts

If you're anything like me and thought that dessert tables had gotten a bit too pricey for the average wedding or DIY'er, then this DIY dessert table by Bride Scouts will restore your faith. These crafty gals got super resourceful and set out to design a dessert table using only items you can find at any grocery store, with a budget in mind - $40! I'm pretty blown away by the results. This would be so great for a wedding, but how sweet would this be to have for a shower?
Grocery List:
1. 1 bag of large marshmallows
2. 2 bags of heart shaped chocolates (on sale!)
3. 2 boxes of sugared doughnuts (on sale!)
4. 2 boxes of Oreo Cakesters (my immitation whoopie pies)
5. Popsicle sticks
6. Mini yogurt covered pretzels
7. Mini marshmallows
8. 6 dollar store jars (for favors)
9. Pink Mints
10. Mini cupcake mix with frosting and cherries (FYI: my boyfriend made the cupcakes)
11. Mini Meringues
12. Heart shaped Cookies
13. Sparkling Water
Total Cost: 40.00$

All images from Bride Scouts


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