Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Shoesday

It's been far too long since I paired some pretty shoes with lovely wedding related eye candy. The colors in this bouquet are soft but have an unexpected pop of color coming from that coral pink garden rose. It reminded me of pairing a white or ivory wedding dress with an unexpected burst of color from your shoes, or the soles of your shoes in this case, which (bonus!) you will be able to wear again more often than white or ivory shoes.

Photo credits: Christian Louboutin shoes photo by Cooper Carras Photography via Style Me Pretty, bouquet photo by Lane Dittoe 


  1. Did you ever find out about sophia d ring? I too have one and can't seem to find any info on her!

  2. @KJJ Houston - Hi! I never did find much more info besides that she was an Art Deco era designer and I see her stuff online all the time for jewelry auctions. I should go on Antiques Roadshow or take it to a dealer who is knowledgeable about designers from that era.


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