Monday, May 10, 2010

Sponsored Post: Flower Girl Dresses by David's Bridal

Having little ones in your wedding? You probably already know that in addition to the challenges of getting them to cooperate ("No, no, don't cry...Walk down the aisle!") there is the whole other issue of outfitting them. Finding the right flower girl dresses that fit with the style of your wedding and the budget of the parents (or your budget depending on who is paying) can be difficult. That's why I love what David's Bridal has to offer for flower girl dresses and accessories. They have a great selection of adorable dresses, all of them refreshingly affordable.

Your bridesmaids wear colors, so why not have your flower girls wear colored dresses also?
Some of the colored flower girl dresses at David's Bridal come in as many as forty colors so you can match them to your wedding party, while parents will love that these dresses can be worn again!
Sweet little flower girl baskets can be customized in twenty seven different color options.

Looking for a traditional white flower girl dress? David's Bridal has great options that are super stylish and at a fraction of the cost that some flower girl dresses can run.


  1. I love the colored dress idea! As a mom I like that they can wear the dresses again - church, birthday parties, wherever!!

  2. As a side note, if you buy your dresses here, you will only be ordering the standard dress size and you will need to get it altered to your body elsewhere. Allure Wedding Dresses

  3. Where do we buy the flower girl dresses at?


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