Monday, April 27, 2009

Real Wedding: A Speidi Wedding while I hate to give these two any press - I do love the job their vendors did for their casual reception this past Saturday. These photos were taken by the talented Noa of Feather Love Photography. She was asked by Speidi's (that's Spencer and Heidi of The Hills for those who might not know) wedding planner Michelle Buckley of Mint Julep Social Events to come take pictures since Heidi and Spencer only had a paparazzi (yes a paparazzi) there to take photos. As they were cutting the cake, they flipped out and accused her of being a paparazzi and had her THROWN OUT! Classy. You can read more about it on Noa's Feather Love blog. Bet they'll be sorry when they see how amazing her pictures were - much more special than a wedding album by US Weekly - haha.
The reception was held at Citrus at Social Hollywood, a restaurant, lounge, club and event complex in LA.

The succulent and floral arrangements were done by Brent Wang of Eggs Los Angeles. They fit in with the yellow, white and green color scheme of the wedding and the venue.

The cake was by Sweet Gems and was a five-tier Red Velvet.

Michael Antonia of The Flash Dance was there to DJ the event. He has his own funny account of the goings on at the reception on his blog.

Heidi's mom and sister, who was a bridesmaid.

According to DJ Michael Antonia of The Flash Dance, "the royal couple made their way in fashionably late around 9:45 (they had the venue until 10) cut the cake, & promptly had Noa (of Feather Love Photography) escorted out of the building... most people pay a lot of money for a wedding photographer, ha! not in barbie land... their photographer is one of the few ways they actually make money!"

Blogger Perez Hitlon was a guest.

Watch The Hills to see more of the reception...


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